The options for teen girls  include

1.  Psychotherapeutic Meditation

2.  Group Therapy - Yoga Based

We utilize current cognitive & behavioral  neuroscience to guide our work with teen girls.  

Daniel Siegel, psychiatry professor at UCLA and director of the Mindsight Institute, says there’s a better way—and it starts with knowing what the teen brain is trying to accomplish. In his new book, Brainstorm, Siegel argues that if we really understood what was happening developmentally with teens, we would continue to celebrate their growth while mitigating their risks.

The view that changes in teens’ behavior are due to “raging hormones” is outdated. The real mechanisms driving teens’ development have become apparent only in the last decade or so, with the advances in brain science and imaging. Scientists are beginning to understand that the human brain starts its own “remodeling” project beginning just before the onset of puberty in order to start preparing our young for adulthood.

Siegel, D. J. (2013). Brainstorm: The power and purpose of the teenage brain.

Therapeutic Options for Teen Girls

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